Rapier Loom

  • Speed 250RPM (200CM)

Rapier Loom, is an advance machine designed as per domestic and international market standards. It’s a high speed machine that can go upto 280RPM with high quality production. It is an ideal machine which runssteadily with high precision, can move over weft, no mark on fabric, improve the quality of cloth, suitablefor various grades of fabric from light, medium and heavy, and offers improved production and quality.

Technical Features

Mechanical continuous

Strengthen type rapier
transmission box

The six connecting rod weft insertion mechanism, with a short slay base, improve weft insertion speed, reduce warp breakage rate

High speed electronic eight color
selection is controlled by the cam
color selection lever, suitable for a
variety of weft yarn

Use close type body, to
improve machine

Friction cluth rolling
device, make cloth roll
tight, tension can be