fusing machine


  • It’s a special purpose machine for the rhinestone transfer to fabric.
  • It suitable for all kind of fabric.
  • Adopted mechanical connection unit form belt controlling, pressure regulating, conveyer, automatic stripping off etc.
  • It is an ideal choice for all kind of clothing factory with advantages of reliability, uniform heating, strong fusing, simple unloading, easy belt replacing and maintenance.
  • Temperature :0-200℃, speed:0-50m/min.

Technical Features

Model Power Supplier Power Temperature Width packing Size
FZY-NH600 380V 9KW 0-200℃ 600mm 288x120x118cm
FZY-NH800 380V 9.6KW 0-200℃ 800mm 295x150x120cm
FZY-NH1200 380V 11.3KW 0-200℃ 1200mm 325x170x120cm
FZY-NH1500 380V 12.6KW 0-200℃ 1500mm 355x190x120cm