MIX PTS - Mix Embroidery Machine

MIX-PTS Embroidery Machine Series

Mixed Function Embroidery Machine, Plain and Chenille Embroidery


  • Maximum speed of chenille embroidery: 1100rpm; maximum speed of flat embroidery: 1200 rpm.
  • Ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration at high operation speeds, ensuring the embroidery equipment will meet wear resistance needs at 1350rpm.
  • Service life of 10+ years
  • The semi-static trimming system is equipped with a stepping motor, ensuring a 100% trimming pass rate and an adjustable end thread length.
  • Chain stitching and chenille embroidery are automatically switched according to user needs. With 9 needle heights, users can set the needle at different levels for different embroidery positions.
  • The needle bar, nozzle and presser foot are separated; a special design that allows for high precision positioning and easy replacement.
  • Equipped with an automatic blow cleaning system, air-cooled motor and overheating protection system.
  • The full structure is reinforced with high precision dowel pins, and a head interval and X, Y axis location accuracy of 0.05mm.



This series combination machine suitable for apparels and home textiles that require multi-element embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery.



MIX-PTS Mix Embroidery Machine
MIX-PTS Mix Embroidery Machine
MIX-PTS Mix Embroidery Machine
MIX-PTS Mix Embroidery Machine
MIX-PTS Mix Embroidery Machine



  • Multi Sequin Device
  • Simple Cording Device
  • Seed Beads Device
  • Taping beads device
  • Hot cutting device
  • Fiber laser
  • Boring device
  • Chenille heads
  • Under thread bobbin changer