800 Dia Heat Transfer Machine


This model is our best-selling model, it can print cut pieces or roll cloth, the result is Stable structure, simple operation, there are four air shafts: double paper air shafts; flower paper air shafts Expansion shaft; receive lining paper air expansion shaft.


  • Easy to operate, simple in setting speed, temperature and pressure
  • Both transferring pieces and rolls are easy accessible to the material
  • The pre-cut pieces are easily placed because of the working table
  • The transferred fabrics are easily collected from the machine because of the conveyor belt
  • Cooling down timer included
  • There are three inflatable shafts: To put print paper, to collect print paper, to collect protect paper
  • Flat blanket guarantees better transfer effect

Machine Parameters – PD-1700D-800

Power Configuration 3-phase 4-wire 380V/50HZ
Heating Method Heating tube oil temperature type
Power 51 KW
Drum Diameter 800 mm
Printing Width 1600 mm
Transfer Yield 300 m/h – 350 m/h
Transfer Yield The equipment is 0.1M-3M/min adjustable, and the above output is based on 100g of paper 100-200g Cloth, the actual temperature is 200 degrees, and the pressing time is 35-40s production output. If using more Lighter cloth, thinner paper, will go faster.
Worktable 2.5 meters
Machine Size 2500mm*1320mm*1530mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight 2600 kg