Multi head hotfix sequin spangle machine

Multi Head Hotfix Sequin Spangle Machine

Multi-Head Hotfix Sequin Spangle Machine, 1000rpm


  • It produces hotfix sequin motifs with various colours and sizes.
  • Making hotfix sequin motif on the transfer paper and transfer to fabric or garment by using hot transfer machine.
  • It is workable from 0.8mm to 5mm sequin as per the input design from the computer (USB) using up to 22 different colors.
  • The weight of the material is hardly felt after transferring to fabric or garment, so it is comfortable to wear.
  • Spangle motif machine is used to create sequin patterns in various colors and sizes.
  • By using a heat transfer machine, sequin designs on transfer paper can be transferred to fabric or clothes.
  • This hot sequin motif making machine is designed with USB port  which allows up to 9 colours or 18 colours of sequin patterns with sizes ranging from 0.8mm to 5mm to be employed.
  • After being transferred on fabric or clothes, the weight of sequins and spangles is barely noticeable, making it pleasant to wear.
  • Our spangle motif machine is extensively used for the mass production of decorative patterns for apparel, home textiles, and many other products.


Machine Function:

  • The maximum speed is 1000 RPM, with low-noise & low-vibration of high speed operation effect, stable and durable body.
  • It has the functions of one-button penetration. Active tablet feeding function, and high speed jumping more efficient.
  • It has the function of alternate head and repairing missing spangle sequins. It has the detection function of missing pieces, and can continue to ironing the remaining pieces, reduce waste.
  • The service life of whole machine can reach more than 10 years.
  • Machine high precision positioning pin hole installation process, head distance and X/Y positioning accuracy up to 0.05mm.
  • Servo high precision, light weight embroidery frame drive system can meet the needs of high speed and high quality ironing.



This series of models are mainly used for various kinds of garment cutting pieces, industrial proofing, home textile, home decoration, handicrafts, etc.

Multi head hotfix sequin spangle machine
Single head hotfix sequin spangle machine
hotfix sequin spangle machine sample
hotfix sequin spangle machine sample
hotfix sequin spangle machine sample
hotfix sequin spangle machine sample



  • Can choose 9 or 18 color for one head.
  • Can be customised head distance, X/Y work area.
  • Round and special-shaped film of 4-5mm.
  • Larger circular and special-shaped film can be customized.

Machine Models: