Rpair loom

UN Series Rapier Loom

  • Specially designed for weaving of heavy fabrics
  • Wefting device adopts 6-connecting-rod wefting structure and can ensure the adjustment of the rapier entry and exit time and ensure stable wefting and weft connection.
  • This machine adopts 4 connecting rods, short connectors and short reed seat to complete the beating motion, the rocker shaft adopts  110mm seamless tube to ensure the beating strength and can be suitable for high-speed motion and weaving of heavy and high density fabrics.
  • The rapier transmission box adopts the advanced helix umbrella gears to ensure stable transmission.
  • The tension device adopts 3-rear-beam tension structure, which is specially designed for balancing the warp tension of high-density weaving and can improve the quality of the weaving fabrics.

Technical Features

Reed Width  2000 2300 2800 mm
Speed  230-255 200-230 170-200 (r/min)
Motor Power  1.8KW
Shedding Device  GT221 – Dobby Machine
Wefting  6 Connecting Rods Wefting
Beat-up Method  4 Connecting rods short connectors beat-up
Color Selection  4 or 6 Colors
Electric Control  Make use of computer electric