laser embodery machine

Equipped with laser system on the computer embroidery machine, which perfectly combines the technology of computer embroidery with laser cutting and the patterns fully realise the digital control. It saves abundant costs of plate making and knife mold production, eliminates the time cost and quality limitations of the traditional manual cutting, effectively reduces the production cost and improves the efficiency.

Suitable on various fabrics for special embroidery, applique, engraving, edge-cutting, punching and stratified cutting, which can not only enrich the embroidery technology, but also improve the product quality and value addition. It makes the embroidery appeal more prominent with higher quality and stronger aesthetic feel. It creates a new era in the embroidery process and provides a new solution to garment, home textile and fabrics decoration industry.

Main technical specification

  • Laser quantities: 1-45 heads
  • Laser power: 40W/head
  • Cutting width: Consistent with the width of embroidery frame (Each laser cutting head cuts at the same time).
  • Maximum laser cutting speed: 80mm/s
  • Single-head laser cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Control mode: Put the control system of computer embroidery and laser cutting into one
  • Voltage: 220V,50HZ

Functional features:

Suitable for clothing embroidery, sequin embroidery, various combinations of appliqué and hollow-out embroidery, multilayer veil embroidery, home textiles, label embroidery, fabrics decoration, etc.

  • Embroidery and laser cutting is controlled by the same system, and converted automatically, so the cutting is faster and more efficient.
  • The patterns fully realise the digital control and the cutting performance is unlimited creativity after embroidery. The complex graphics can be cut smoothly by laser, which eliminates the time, cost and quality limitation of the traditional manual cutting.
  • The flexible transmission of optical fibre eliminates the influence of machine vibration to the optical path, and cut with high precision.
  • Wide cutting width. All laser heads are synchronous for cutting on the same embroidery machine, which in one go can cut the width of the whole embroidery frame.
  • Customers can choose single head or multiheads to work at the same time to save labour time and improve work efficiency according to their production needs.

Equipped with laser without being limited by the machine model and space


1 head model


2 heads model


6 heads model


10 heads model


12 heads model


15 heads model


16 heads model


20 heads model


45 heads model