Our Vision

Core Purpose

  • To enrich the lifestyle of people

Brand Promise

  • Service commitment within 2 Hours


  • To incorporate the best practices of TATA, be the Nordstrom in customer service and become a 10,000 crore company by 2027

Core Values

  • UNIX Group Always Respect Others
  • UNIX Group Always Works in Team
  • UNIX Group Believes in Integrity
  • UNIX Group is Always Innovative
  • UNIX Group Maintains Relationship for Life

Vivid Description

  • By 2027, UNIX Group will be having over 10 Regional Offices in India and 5 International Offices.
  • UNIX Group will make over 20 Joint Ventures with International Suppliers.
  • We will be working with over 10,000 customers globally.
  • We will be considered as well-known in market for having patents in Embroidery Technology, Value Added Machinery and Weaving Technology.
  • We will be starting and operating our own company listed I.P.O. successfully in the market.
  • UNIX Group will be considered as the Dream Workplace for Students of IIT’s and IIM’s.
  • UNIX Group Practices will be taught as case studies in Top B-Schools of India.
  • We will start our very own state of the art Learning & Development Institute for the betterment of our customers, staff members and suppliers.
  • UNIX Group will provide educational facilities for their staff children’s and Medical allowances for their staff.
  • We will sponsor sports events like Surat IPL, Surat Marathon, Ahmedabad Marathon and Common Wealth Game of India.
  • We will initiate Girl Education Drive, Provide Assistance to neediest in Hospitalization and set up an Old Age Home in Surat and nearby Villages as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.