UN-500D Heat Transfer Machine

  • SPEED: 130m/hr.

Technical Features

Model UN-500D
Heating Media High Temperature Resisting Conductive Oil
Voltage Three Phase
Heating Power 24kw
Diameter Of Oil Drum 500mm/20”
Printing Speed 130 meter/hour
Temperature 0 0-220 C
Heating Tube Quantity 12
Transfer Width 1800mm
Blanket Dimension 2000mm
Function Of Roll-To-Roll Roll To Roll Fabric / Piece Fabric
Bed Dimension 12ft
Putting Device 1 (Heat Transfer Paper Putting)*
Collecting Devise 1 (Heat Transfer Paper Rewinding)
Machine Dimension 2820mm(L) X 3250mm(W) X 1860mm(H)

*Airshaft Optional