Multi Dori Embroidery

  • Giving 3D effect and Hand work finishing

Technical Specification

  • Different Material, Different Thickness.
  • Different Color, applied for fashion cording embroidering.
  • Can big angle, even 360 degree rotating stitched, overlapped stitched, finishing soft and looks vivid.
  • Can perfect and high precision stitched at sharp turns.
  • Giving 3D effect and hand work finishing.
  • Combined with flat embroidering, different material, different color, overlapped stitched. Giving designer more options on innovated designs.
  • Creating special visual effect, touching soft, puffy, and suitable for animal logo and toys embroidering. Decreasing stitch numbers and largely increase production.
  • Giving 3D effect, rib stitch, vertical filling stitch for Logo and fonts, easily punching and giving high value addition to designs.
  • Digitally adjusting pressure foot stroke and create different shape, different effect and different finishing designs.
  • Combined with “Digital individually controlled pressure foot”3 layers cording design will be applicable.