hight speed

UNIX High Speed Embroidery Machine productivity is achieved by ultra-precise control 1200 RPM in standard embroidery, which can meet various consumer demands for creation of high value-added embroidery work. Sequin can be programmed into the design data or loaded manually via the control panel.


  • Indecent double cam driving system for needle bar driving and pressure foot lifting, which guarantee the high speed machine to running at very high speed with perfect embroidering and quite working conditions
  • Latest semi auto oil system with separate oiling routes for upper head and lower rotary hook system greatly extend the machine life
  • Latest and advanced Germany Technology for X.Y 12CM wide driver system, which can ensure 1200RPM running speed and perfect stitch at high speed as well as long life span
  • RHP high and Jumbo bearing for guide rail trolley
  • Germany brand Fulong belt for prefect stitches at high speed running conditions inside with glasses fibre instead of steel
  • X, Y servo motor with 8cm wide belt pulley and belt which guarantee the high accuracy sewing work as well as life span
  • Motorized jumper to support high speed running, and high speed  jump stitch
  • Latest Barudan standard quality tension base, with bearing type tension wheel which ensure the thread feeding stability under high speed running as well as head life
  • Extra enhanced heavy chassis for advanced bridge style machine body with H beam support to resist vibration during high speed embroidering
  • Enhanced pantograph aluminum material and SWF style pantograph side support
  • New table mica, aluminum operation bar, stainless steel cover etc for good machine finishing as well as quality
  • Original Japan Hirose rotary hook sets, original Japan encoder, and original NSK key bearings for machine moving and transmission parts
  • The more advanced high-speed control system is designed and made with more accurate stitching and pantograph motion programming

• High-Speed head with latest taking up lever system • High-Speed head with linear head rail system • High-Speed head with latest needle frames sets and accessories • High-speed head with motorized jumper for high speed Jump stitch • Highest quality tension base material • Taping motor trimming system to ensure fast and smooth cutting • Latest technology tension base with bearing UTC wheel • Japanese Barudan standard tension base and accessories • Main Servo Motor with fan cooling facility • XY Servo Motor with 12 cm pulley and belt • More stable running conditions and long life using at high speed • 8 cm special heavy duty guide rail base and facilities • Latest strong aluminum material • Pantograph with special back support (Like last have guide rail, Z guide rail) • Inbuilt semi auto oiling system with motorized pump • With lubricant routes for upper heads and down rotary hook base moving parts • Heavy duty machine body with 400x400x12mm beam material • With double H beam support for back support • New type table mica, aluminium operation bar • Stainless steel shaft against rust • High quality painting and machine body polishing.

Model Needles Heads Head Space Emb. Area
UN – 636 6 36 200 600×1500
UN – 630 6 30 200 600×1500
UN – 627 6 27 250 550×1300
UN – 912 9 12 400 800×1200
UN – 915 9 15 400 800×1200
UN – 918 9 18 400 800×1200

A98 Computer


New Type Pantograph


9 Upper Thread Holding


Motorlock Head


Motorized Color Change


Auto Oiling


400x400x12mm Beam


Motorised Trimmer


X-Y servo motor with 12 cm wide belt
with high accuracy sewing as well
as life span


Special type anti vibration pad to reduce
vibration of the machine even at 1200