Heat Sealing Machine UN-912A


  • It could be commonly used at disposable medical protective clothing, yoga clothes, seamless underwear, swimming clothes, raincoat and outdoor clothes etc.
  • It could be used at most type of waterproof tape,reinforce tape and decorative tape.
  • With up& down synchronous and differential structure designed, it could handle the elastic fabric fluently.
  • With the seperate working draught fan, it could save more air power of air compressor.
  • Automatic tapebreak function.
  • Bigger touch display screen,PLC system makes opration more easy and stable,Software upgradeable.
  • Air compressor displayed on Dial plate.
  • Faster speed: 2-23M / Min
  • With the 12 Newton torsion, 84 stepping motor, it could output power more stable and runs long time.
  • With the high-level phenolic compact laminate, it could works more steady without vibration.

Technical Details