Double Jersey

Adopts closed tracks and wide needle but design with the cams of knit, tuck and miss. The Mechanism designed to adjust the fabric in different level of density easily and conveniently, normally equipped with different gauges of cylinders which is easy to alter and can meet the everlasting demand of the knitting market.

Plain pique, Lacoste, French terry, Twill ,Spacer ,bubble cloth etc. knitted by this machine. Added the lycra device which can produce stretchy calico.

All main gear systems are embedded in the oil bath to lubricate and prolong the lifespan of the gear system. All gears are fluted simultaneously to minimize
backlash between dial and cylinder needles.

Important Parts of Circular Knitting Machine

Knitting Head




Positive Yarn Storage



Lycra Feeder



Take down (up) system

Technical Specifications of Machine

UNDJ Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
DIAMETER GAUGE FEEDER Application of raw material
10″ – 44″ 10″ – 44″ 10″ – 44″ Cotton, Chemical Fiber, Blended Yarn, Silk &Wool
UNDCJ Double Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

Double jersey computerised jacquard knitting machine is a multi-functional automatic controlled and electrical integrated product. This product has high production efficiency, stable operation, and the advantages of wide scope of application. The product can knit double-faced jacquard cloth, rib jacquard cloth, weft jacquard cloth, and many types of fabrics.

DIAMETER GAUGE FEEDER Application of raw materia
30” – 38” 8G – 40G 60F – 96F Cotton, Chemical Fiber, Blended Yarn, Silk &Wool